WELCOME CREATIVES…Sit and throw those legs up on a stool with coffee or a glass of wine and read on my weekly adventures in my art journey.

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Where is home..

My entire life we have roamed the earth by travelling and living in a variety of places around the world. Each phase of living we were in a different season of our lives. My own family growing up were the only ones to venture out of the continent of India and live abroad. Perhaps becauseContinue reading “Where is home..”

Change with a capital”C”

Today I have done some pensive thinking about change and there is a lot. We personally know people who have switched jobs several times; people who have added to their families by having babies; moved to new houses and neighborhoods; started new businesses; working moms embracing new work-remote positions balancing a lot more; saying goodbyeContinue reading “Change with a capital”C””


As I write this post, I can hear the song “Traditions” in my head from the movie “The Fiddler on the Roof” by Jerry Bock. Yes I have an old soul and where we grew up in Malawi, it took ages to get a good movie to find its way to the shelves of ourContinue reading “Traditions”

Week 3: A Reprieve

This week we found ourselves by the ocean. I find the waves of the ocean a sweet reprieve from the monotony of my chaotic week. Waves have always calm me more than a thousand kickboxing classes almost like the “natural CBD” of my physiology and being spiritual in nature its where I hear God speakingContinue reading “Week 3: A Reprieve”

Week Two: The waiting…

As I start this week two on my blog, I am reminded if there is anything to learn as days pass me by; the waiting is the toughest. Today is an important day in history as our country awaits the political direction of this country. Tensions run high and low with social media bombarding usContinue reading “Week Two: The waiting…”

Week One -My Muse

Its strange the things that affect you and turn your life upside down. Since March of this year, I have not been able to stop thinking that I need to live my life more fuller.Fill it with meaningful things of little bundles of joy. No not a closet of Manolo Blahniks or Christian Dior perfumes.TheContinue reading “Week One -My Muse”

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