Change with a capital”C”

Today I have done some pensive thinking about change and there is a lot. We personally know people who have switched jobs several times; people who have added to their families by having babies; moved to new houses and neighborhoods; started new businesses; working moms embracing new work-remote positions balancing a lot more; saying goodbyeContinue reading “Change with a capital”C””

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

We have just finished the busiest time of the year with Black Friday over and yes I was among the throngs who huddles over a computer from late Thursday Night laboriously looking for something to buy and hoping its the best deal in town. Just getting a deal is a win-win-sounds familiar? I don’t knowContinue reading “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”

Tutorial For Making Christmas Ornaments with Wood Slices

Hey Creatives: I am enclosing templates for these fabulous custom Christmas Ornaments for my YouTube video posted here. Feel free to change the colors around. These templates are sized for the three inch wood slices but you can either do a decoupage or make the template fit the appropriate size with your printer. These templatesContinue reading “Tutorial For Making Christmas Ornaments with Wood Slices”

Tutorial in making Christmas Mugs

Here are the images that you will print when you are doing your DIY Crafts for the YouTube Video on making Christmas Mugs. If you are using these images and crafting your mugs please give due credit to this website. Also these are under copyright and cannot be used for resale. Subscribe to my YouTubeContinue reading “Tutorial in making Christmas Mugs”

Week Two: The waiting…

As I start this week two on my blog, I am reminded if there is anything to learn as days pass me by; the waiting is the toughest. Today is an important day in history as our country awaits the political direction of this country. Tensions run high and low with social media bombarding usContinue reading “Week Two: The waiting…”

Week One -My Muse

Its strange the things that affect you and turn your life upside down. Since March of this year, I have not been able to stop thinking that I need to live my life more fuller.Fill it with meaningful things of little bundles of joy. No not a closet of Manolo Blahniks or Christian Dior perfumes.TheContinue reading “Week One -My Muse”