Where is home..

The Earth in Mitten Hands

My entire life we have roamed the earth by travelling and living in a variety of places around the world. Each phase of living we were in a different season of our lives. My own family growing up were the only ones to venture out of the continent of India and live abroad.

Perhaps because of this kind of life early on, we have always been in a place to adjust to circumstances better. You know those unforseen circumstances or surprises of life. It doesn’t faze us but nor does it remove the wanderlust in us as full grown adults to do more of that. If you do however ask us where is home, I have no one affinity for any place that I have lived in…

The world seems to be getting smaller with every generation. More and more families venture out raising the next generation away from their homeland and adopt almost interracial traditions

With the holidays fast approaching and Christmas almost upon us, I have also seen more people asking on social media-what traditions can we have our kids embrace. Is it something we eat or do or buy for our kids that makes home easier to carry where ever we are.

For my family as I have mentioned before we have not been big on presents for Christmas but we do experiences and make efforts to recreate memories of home.

Yesterday with my youngest child, I was able to recreate these gingersnap cookies that we get from Malawi; a place that I have many of my childhood memories of. These cookies have been a favorite of mine as a child as I remember my dad and I after work sitting at the dining table dunking them in his coffee. It was the many conversations on that dining table that have marked my memory rather than the cookie itself but you can be sure this recipe is here to stay.

My family watching the Christmas Tree Lighting in Downtown square

Other traditions have crept in over the years as we raised our little ones. Like walking downtown observing and taking pics of lights the days leading to Christmas Day; enjoying a hot chocolate on a cold night and a family dinner usually Chinese after Christmas Eve service at church where we are all in our very best clothes.

What are some of your traditions with your family this season?

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