Fiddler on the roof

As I write this post, I can hear the song “Traditions” in my head from the movie “The Fiddler on the Roof” by Jerry Bock. Yes I have an old soul and where we grew up in Malawi, it took ages to get a good movie to find its way to the shelves of our video shop.

The movie was a good reminder that even if our cultures are so different, there’s similarity that every culture stresses on-keeping traditions. The families in this movie had some really good ones that my family hold onto as well. Two important ones were the food and always having a place for one more at the table. Family importance and the respect for the old were really important as well from the movie and it warms my heart every time we watched it.

Appam and Veg Stew

So what are some of your traditions for Thanksgiving?For the last 12 years, our home has always celebrated with intentions of continuing the traditions of a South Indian comfort foods spiced with an infusion of the American spoils of a turkey dinner. So with Thanksgiving on this week, we will be eating a lovely Fermented Indian Rice Flower-shaped pancake called appam (pronounced Aa-PUM) with a rich vegetarian or non-veg stew.

Its comfort food for me at its best and I cannot tell you how you are missing out here as per taste. There is nothing like this in a North American cuisine with the sweet and salty/heat all at once tantalizing your buds. Its a real treat though I wish I appreciated it more when I was young like my kids.

Kitchen Clutter

So I can hear clatter of pots in my kitchen .The throes of dishes being prepared for a meal of gratitude and family solitude. Its horrific right…What a mess….Lots of tasting and runs to the supermarket to get last minute ingredients.

I hope like my family you will be flexibly introducing new traditions especially if its to accommodate the younger generations or if not celebrating basking in the familiarity of your old traditions and that your kitchen is never a mess like mine.

From Traditions of my home to your home may Thanksgiving be a delight in ever-changing times that do bring Gratitude and Blessing in our families. In the words of Tevye the father in the movie Fiddler on the Roof, “Without traditions our lives would be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof”.

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