The Indian woman and the Beauty World

This week finds me looking at Indian fashion and wondering if there was anyone who can carry Indian fashion better than an Indian woman. I can tell you from experience that every woman has insecurities that they will never tell you in person even those you think you know them well. Looking at countless fashion shoots and having done a few myself, I feel these women are so undervalued for what they bring to a podium.

It tugged on my heart when watching a certain Indian woman doing a vlog selecting outfits for an Indian high couture store . I wondered why on earth she walked away from a traditional dress that fitted and suited her to a T and instead chose a dowdy bright yellow Indo-Asian dress that washed her out in complexion and made her look less flattering and out of age-appropriation. Don’t know if “age-appropriation”is a term but I would define it as those ladies who try desperately to fit into a dress for someone 20 years younger and make you visually cringe.

Do we all go through that stage where we adamantly and aggressively convince ourselves on the fact that somehow we could force and squeeze into another person’s life and wardrobe not seeing the benefits of the life and wardrobe we already own.

A Makeup Artist/Blogger in a Purple Diwali Suit

As I perused other blogs pondering on the topic; I came across an Indian makeup artist doing her TikTok video in a beautiful traditional Indian purple outfit for Diwali. I had seen her countless times before and she always looks beautiful. What makes her worthwhile to watch is that she is tiny in stature. Like no torso of any kind it seems. But what she doesn’t have in body and legs she makes up in personality; charm and a winning smile on her heart-shaped face. I don’t even mind that she doesn’t bother to cover up the dust of brown freckles on her nose.This actually suits her going au naturel.

Most of her videos do have a filter that she makes her fan club intentionally know this, but she is doing it best by selling her business and her best assets especially when the beauty market these days are brutal.

I definitely don’t know what holds for my little girl by the time she gets to that stage but am hoping she grows up to be a woman comfortable in her own skin as much as possible. For now she is a little one with her innocent questions of the life around her with lovely brown curls,toothless smiles and wonder…lots of wonder….

My little girl in play

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