Week 3: A Reprieve

This week we found ourselves by the ocean. I find the waves of the ocean a sweet reprieve from the monotony of my chaotic week. Waves have always calm me more than a thousand kickboxing classes almost like the “natural CBD” of my physiology and being spiritual in nature its where I hear God speaking the loudest.

Driving down to the beach side was a lovely treat as well, as I have never seen more picturesque orchards than the ones we passed. So beautiful with jewel tones of red, orange and yellow that just seem to be painted just for us. Everywhere piles and piles of fall leaves reminding us that fall is quickly passing.

Beach Picnic

The beach was pretty much desolated except for a few sea gulls. We laid out our red-checkered blanket on the sand and had a lovely picnic of cake and hot chai from our flask. It takes me back to my own childhood days when we did always be travelling by car on my birthdays. My mom would stay up late the night before to bake a cake to take on our trip. A cake that was usually her famous fruitcake or deep rich chocolate cake. There was always sweet milk coffee in a flask that remained hot for hours. I suppose some things don’t escape you as an adult.

Sand Dollar

After awhile with satiated appetites, our sense and spirit of adventure would get the better of us.My muse who has been particularly quiet all of today and who refrained from all except small talk excitedly showed me that she had found some sand dollars. I marveled at her discovery and observed that though they were similar being from the ocean yet so different in characteristics. Very much like people isn’t it.

You could live with a person say a sibling under the same regimented rules and traditions and yet be so different in life perspectives and choices as if your past never tied you together or even existed. As parents we tend to tell our kids to be like another child in their pursuits and achievements without realizing its absolutely impossible. Everyone is uniquely different and valued for their contribution to their community. It was nice to see that perspective and to take that pearl of wisdom from our little excursion at the beach. I hope next week holds as much introspect as it did today.

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I am an entrepreneur, blogger, artist with a penchant to share the mysteries of art in a variety of mediums. We are all entitled to find our happiness and art allows that to happen for both old and young alike.

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