Week Two: The waiting…

The Sunset in fields-Watercolors

As I start this week two on my blog, I am reminded if there is anything to learn as days pass me by; the waiting is the toughest. Today is an important day in history as our country awaits the political direction of this country. Tensions run high and low with social media bombarding us every nook and corner reminding us to vote.

My Muse as a Biker-Ink and WaterColors

Ahhhh! I got poked by my muse. Can you tell how impatient she is… She reminded me she is waiting but not wanting to waste her time with the unimportant. Yeah she has attitude and is cheeky…

Everyday is a waiting game for all of us and all she wants to do is take off on her lime-green Kawasaki bike and meander on the unbeaten paths. I cannot help but wonder if there are a few of us like her that are purposefully complacent with our lives and untroubled with the worldly affairs even though realists like myself would tell you decisions affect everyone on this planet.

There are better ways to live your days than to overthink it; but waiting will be everyone’s game whether we like it or not.

I am going for my ride…See you next week…

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I am an entrepreneur, blogger, artist with a penchant to share the mysteries of art in a variety of mediums. We are all entitled to find our happiness and art allows that to happen for both old and young alike.

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