Starting something new at the end of the Year 2020-Who Am I…

Confucius says this best,” A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step.” The year 2020 is that year for me to start anew and its a familiar feeling.

Hi! My name is Sheeba. I am a mother to two and married to a wonderful man for the last 13 years. We are a 100 percent South Indians but not raised as your typical South Indian families. Off course our palates are atypical of South Indian cuisine but other influences in thought and ideas are immediately noticeably different.

My own influence comes from having lived most of my life in Africa. No I didn’t grow up in a missionary family, just a humble CPA and teacher kind of family.

My sisters and I grew up privileged with private school; music lessons; club memberships;servants making our beds, preparing our food,cleaning our home and all the other sundries that make a childhood pleasant and memorable.

I came to the States to complete my studies from Africa and stayed on having my marriage arranged by my parents. More on the topic of arranged marriages later.

I recently started painting after not doing so for 20 years. Life happens with twists and turns. I have had the opportunity to start an event-planning business after the birth of my last child which is the closest I have been on an artistic journey but it didn’t fan out when we took a move across the country. So yes the creative juices were on a stir. This blog serves its purpose to let you ride my creative journey forward and I thoroughly hope you enjoy it.

Published by Life Inspired Events

I am an entrepreneur, blogger, artist with a penchant to share the mysteries of art in a variety of mediums. We are all entitled to find our happiness and art allows that to happen for both old and young alike.

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